About Us

Minaaz is a boutique for fine jewelry that features original, East-West fusion designs by the most talented international designers. From traditional and classic to modern and fun designs, Minaaz has something for everybody. Hand made by the best craftsmen around the world. What makes us unique is that we have our own manufacturing units which enables us to custom make jewelry to suit an individual's taste. There is a definite price advantage to the customer because of in-house manufacturing and the allied wholesale business.  

Minaaz has brought back the concept of "Sunaar" back to life, where there is space and time for customizing to one's own taste and get the best value for your money. We focus on highest quality in gems and in craftsmanship to bring jewelry to life for our clients. Minaaz's team goes far and beyond to serve its customers with not only providing customization on new jewelry but providing repair, refurbishing and redesigning services for your worn out pieces.